Memorable People - Friends and Acquaintances of Charles B. Moore

This page contains personal stories of the authors experiences with the people listed below. Periodically, new stories are added and existing stories are updated.

Dr. Cal Guy General Hap Gay Dr. Rene Rosas
Vice President Jack Garner General Carlos Romulo Bill Lear
U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese Attorney John Whitehead Rev. Ron Dunn
Kathryn Bryson Andy Carter Mike Deavers
Senator Jesse Helms David Jackson Ian Taylor
Senator Danny Akaka Mayor Dick Lyons Paul Weyrich
Hon. Duncan Hunter Missionary Don Burgess Gaye Montague Moore
Lori Pettigrew Rev. Jerry Falwell Ele Juarez
Bill Bright Maxie Jarman Rev. Billy Graham
Chuck Colson President Jose "Pepe" Figueres Dr. Wren Causey
Elizabeth Strachan Dr. Gray Allison Howard Phillips
Hon. Bill Dannemeyer Hon. Ed Foreman Hon. Jack Brooks
Hon. Sonny Bono Hon. J.J. Pickle Dr. David Jeremiah
Cliff Barrows Art DeMoss Governor Preston Smith

-- End --

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