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Charles B. Moore

Image of Judy and Charles B. Moore.

  • Husband of 60 years to Judy Moore (June 20, 1961)
  • Father of Judy Ann, James, Cal, Charles V, Grandfather of Thomas, Jordan, Tiffany, Marco
  • Diploma New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico (1957)
  • Degree Texas Western College (B.A.) (U.T.E.P) - 1961
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft Worth, TX (1966-67, 1970)
  • C.E.O. of 22 Corporations, One became largest of it’s type in U.S (1965)
  • Image of Judy and Charles B. Moore (1961).

  • U.S. Army Officer (1961-62)
  • Graduate Provost Marshal General School Officers Course (Ft Gordon, GA)
  • Graduate Army Security Agency Officer Orientation Course (Ft Devins, MA)
  • Permanent Officer of the Day, Army Security Agency Hdq. Arlington, VA.
  • Totally Bilingual in Spanish from childhood
  • Licensed Private Pilot
  • Owned 15,676 Acre Ranch
  • Image of Charles B. Moore (1964), in front of his campaign bus when he ran for the Texas House of Representatives.

  • Republican Candidate,Texas House of Representatives (1964)
  • Underwriter El Paso Sun Kings professional baseball team (1963-66)
  • Layman of The Year for 41 Southern Baptist Churches (1965)
  • Chairman of the Board of El Paso Baptist Goodwill Center (1964-65)
  • Member of Advisory Board of Salvation Army (1963-65)
  • Ordained Minister (1970-Retta Baptist Church South of Ft Worth,Texas)
  • Foreign Missionary 8 Years (Costa Rica,El Salvador,and Peru)
  • Founder of Christian Sharing Christ Inc.(1968),International Mission Organization in it’s 49th year
  • 2005-10 Missionary of CSC. Ministry to Latin America
  • 2007-2017 Has taught more than 250,000 pastors and leaders throughout Central and South America the message of prayer and revival
  • Host of Daily Radio Program (one year on KPRS, Dallas, TX from El Salvador)(1975)
  • Executive Director Tim LaHayes Family Life Seminars, El Cajon, CA (staff of 47)(1979)
  • Chaplain Christian Heritage College (1982-85)
  • Seminary and College Teacher in two countries
  • Teacher of largest Sunday School Class in California(1982-85)
  • Executive Producer of 7 Christian Motion Pictures, one awarded The President’s Award
  • International Christian Film Distributor (9 countries)
  • Founder and President of Success Oriented Seminars, Inc
  • High School Varsity Athletic Head Coach (2 years)(1988-89)
  • San Diego County Lacrosse Coach of The Year (1988)
  • San Diego County’s First Lacrosse Sports Commissioner(1989)
  • Co-Founder and First Executive Director of Californians for Biblical Morality (1979)(1,100 Pastors)
  • 1980- Liaison to Evangelical Community for Ronald Reagans first presidential campaign
  • Moral Majority’s First National Field Director (1980)(organized 37 states)
  • Image of Charles B. Moore as a lobbyist made many presentations to various associations.

  • Executive Vice President and lobbyist, Save Americas Youth, Washington, D.C.(1989-90)
  • Consultant to Republican National Congressional Committee (1990)
  • Upon graduation from college with a commission as an Army officer Charles graduated from the Army Provost Marshal General School in Augusta, Georgia.   He was assigned as one of the four permanent Officers of the Day for the Army Security Agency Headquarters at Arlington Hall Station near Washington, D.C.   Three courier cars a day traveled to the White House out of his office.

    At the age of twenty two, upon the death of his father, he returned to Texas and took over his father’s numerous and multi-faceted business operations.   This included 11 corporations from Maine to Florida to California, with more than 500 employees.   Subsequently he flew more than 250,000 miles in less than 2 years, developing one of these corporations into the largest of its type in the United States.   He worked on contracts in Israel, Philippines, and Mexico.

    In 1964, he ran as a Republican for the Texas House of Representatives.   That year, 1964, (Year of Goldwater for President) every Republican candidate in Texas was defeated.   During this time he was looking for a sense of fulfillment which despite his wealth and fame had escaped him.

    Charles and his wife Judy were then led to leave their successful business interests and move to Fort Worth,Texas to enroll in seminary.

    Soon they found themselves in San Jose, Costa Rica, sleeping on the floor for more than 2 months, living for 7 weeks without a stove or a refrigerator.   They were very happy and at peace because they were in the center of God’s will for their lives.   During this period they had 3 small children and shortly thereafter a 4th child was born.   Charles was arrested and placed in jail for preaching on the streets of the Capital city.

    Image of Charles Moore, teaching one of his discipleship teams.

    They rented a building in the middle of that country’s red light district.   Within a block and a half radius of their “Upper Room” there were 113 houses of prostitution and more than 100 licensed prostitutes between the ages of 8 and 14.   More than 30,000 people walked in front of this building each day.   The ministry of Christians Sharing Christ to the worlds “down and outs” began in this evangelistic center.   Charles Moore also taught the Word to his discipling teams.

    In the first 2 years of their ministry in Costa Rica, they saw more than 5,000 professions of faith.   When they left Costa Rica 7 years later for El Salvador there were less than 20 houses of prostitution in the same area.   Then Costa Rican President, Jose (Pepe) Figueres and his wife (Karen) recognized the Moores’ ministry to their country by inviting them to a special dinner at their home.

    Image of Charles and Judy Moore with the kids in front of their VW bus.

    God burdened the Moores’ hearts for the people in all the market places of the world.   Subsequently they moved to San Salvador, El Salvador and began an identical work in that countries marketplace.   The ministry that they founded and directed for 12 years has over the last 39 years had ministries in every Central American Country, in several countries in South America, in every state in Mexico, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia,and for a period of time they had an itinerant missionary into China.   In its 39 years of existence, Christians Sharing Christ,has been used of the Lord to see more than 3,000,000 professions of faith.   This ministry continues today under the leadership of Godly men with Mission Headquarters located in Tennessee.Visit their web site to see the on going ministry.

    His wifes’ health forced the Moores’ back to the United States, where Charles became involved in the early beginnings of organized Church involvement in American Politics.   He and Tim La Haye organized Californians for Biblical Morality which included more than 1,100 California pastors.

    Then in 1980 Charles became Ronald Reagans’ Campaign Liaison to the Religious community.   This resulted in his twice being offered a second level positions in the first Reagan White House and then one offer of a second level White House position in George Bush’s administration.   He also was the first National Field Director for the Moral Majority and organized the churches in 37 states, resulting in the defeat of 4 incumbent U.S. Senators, all of whom had poor voting records on important moral issues.

    See the Pastors Seminars page for his current ministry.

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    Image of Charles B. Moore.
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