An appointment to the Supreme Court

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Image of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

While I was a lobbyist, living in Washington, DC working with Save America's Youth, I had an interesting experience.

Twice a month, nationally known social conservative organizations met to discuss pending legislation and ways that they could impact government policy. Usually I did not attend these meetings, but had someone from our legal staff represent our organization.

One morning, when I happened to attend, one of the guest speakers was a young black man who President Bush had nominated, several months before, for the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He told us that the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Ted Kennedy, was holding up his nomination in committee.

As I listened to the testimony of this conservative Christian black lawyer, the reason for the roadblock placed by Kennedy and other liberal Democrats became very evident to me. They knew that this young man could easily be a future nominee for Justice of the Supreme Court. They also understood that if they could bottle up his nomination in the Judiciary Committee for a few more months then President Bush would not be able to nominate him for the next opening on the Supreme Court.

After the meeting, I sat down with him and asked, "Who is handling your nomination process?" His response was, "I have been doing it myself." He readily accepted my offer for our organization to begin moving his nomination through this often very difficult process.

I had one of my legal staff obtain all of the pertinent information, and we proceeded to design and publish a very thorough and attractive news release package. Then, one of our interns hand delivered the release to every Senator and Congressman's office, along with every major news source in Washington.

Within one month, Senator Kennedy's Committee started hearings on the nomination of this remarkable man of great integrity and compassion. The Senate confirmed his nomination by a significant majority, and he became an appellate Judge. The Kennedy liberals who had fought this nomination would later fight even more tenaciously his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Today, Clarence Thomas is one of Americas jurists most committed to the Judeo-Christian ethic and one of our country's nine Supreme Court Justices.

Presently Republicans control the Senate and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is Senator Orin Hatch of Utah. The Senator is a well known conservative who has very effectively kept the nominations of several strong liberal Judges from reaching the floor of the full senate.

The only difference between what happened to Justice Thomas and these nominees is that the liberal media has made Senator Hatch out to be unfair, and claim that what he has done is unique and unjust. The media during the nomination process of Clarence Thomas remained completely silent. Why was this? It is a proven fact that 91% of all the media are democrats.

Today,I cherish several original copies of the press release packet and have one for each of my four children and three grandchildren. One day they will look back and see that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas helped keep our country committed to a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

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