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My comments found describing Congressman Ed Foreman, compares him with another highly respected friend Duncan Hunter. On several occasions I have had the privilege of being the one to introduce "Duncan" to a crowd of people.

Each time I have started off by saying, "Duncan has been a big disappointment for me," and then I continue by saying Duncan has robbed me of the fun of having to call or write him to try to persuade him to vote my way.

For more than 20 years as my Representative in Washington, Duncan has always voted the way that I would have voted had I been in his place. Let me tell you a true story about this "giant of a man" that very few people have ever heard. The afternoon and night before the election in 1990 (3:00pm until 2:00am) Duncan and another dear friend, Bob Wells, and I spent the entire time on our hands and knees organizing and packing precinct packs for 150 college students who the next day would walk precincts to turn out the vote for "Duke" Cunningham.

For eleven hours a sitting congressman worked on his hands and knees to get his friend Duke elected to Congress. This is only one of many examples of how Duncan Hunter is a prince among men. He presently is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee where he has shown, that living by his principales is more important than pleasing the President or giving into pressure from his party's leadership.

I would gladly share a foxhole with Duncan.

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