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Praying with Boldness

For a month I walked the streets of the market area in San Jose, Costa Rica.   At each corner I stopped and prayed asking God to lead me to a building I could rent.   The minute one became available, someone had to be there to snatch it up, because thousands of people walked in front of these buildings each day.

Finding a building would allow me to preach each day to the masses of lost people, instead of only once a week in the small parking lot.

Finding a second floor room for rent, the owner told me that she had already been offered $300 and $400 a month.

Knowing I needed to seek God’s wisdom, I asked her to allow me one hour before she rented it.   Returning I offered her $100 a month.   She was incensed by my “ridiculous offer” and said “Didn’t I tell you I have been offered much more than that? What do you want to use it for”?   To preach Jesus to the thousands of people in the marketplace was my answer.   She quickly responded, “I will take your offer, I do not want it to be used as a house of prostitution again and that is how the others want to use it”.

The building, that God gave us, was in continual, daily use for 34 years, to reach the mass of people in the marketplace for Christ.   More than 30,000 people walked in front of our "Upper Room" each day.   In the first two years we saw more than 5,000 people accept Christ.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

When God opens a door, go through it with boldness, knowing He intends to bless.   "We walk by faith, not by sight."   2 Cor 5:7

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