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Large Flesh and Blood

For nearly a year our next-door neighbor refused my every effort to become her friend.   One afternoon she even screamed at me while I was on our roof.

Preparing a sermon I came to understand that my spiritual battleground is prayer.

As I pondered, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood” my neighbor came to mind.   I stopped what I was doing and began to pray for her.

Thirty minutes later as I was putting my car in the garage I came face to face with her.   She said, “It is a beautiful night.”   My first reaction was, “God, prayer really does work in spiritual warfare.”

This older woman became my dear friend and we invited her to bring all of her family to my birthday party.   Little did we expect her to bring sixteen children and grandchildren.

At the party she said, “Don (a term of respect) Carlos, will you share your testimony with my family?”

When we left Costa Rica to start another market place ministry she and I embraced and had tears in our eyes as we said goodbye.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

Through real prayer I can see God change lives.   See Ephesians 6:18

-- End --   

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