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My Philippian Jailer

The Tuesday after I was jailed, a young man came up to me at the conclusion of the preaching in the parking lot.   He asked me if I remembered him and I said of course you are Corporal Guillen, you arrested me last week.

He said, “Don Carlos I had orders to arrest you, but brother did you see that I waited until you had finished giving the invitation?   While you were preaching God convicted me that I should be the one preaching to my fellow countrymen and not depending on a foreigner to do it.   This last Sunday I went forward in my church to surrender my life to the will of God and I wanted you to know.”

This police officers’ brother in Christ rejoiced in what God had done from my being arrested.

I told Corporal Guillen, that if he knew any other policemen who were Christians who needed to get their lives right with God, to tell them to come and arrest me the next week.   We both laughed and hugged each other in the love of our Lord.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

God uses the foolish things in life to confound the wise.   See I Corinthians 1:27

-- End --   

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