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God's Floor isn't Hard

Resigning from the foreign mission board and staying in Costa Rica we found ourselves sleeping on the floor for two months, without a refrigerator for seven weeks, and without a stove for six weeks.

My wife and I were at peace because we knew we were in the center of God’s will for our lives.

This was quite a contrast from the life we had in the United States.   We lived in a very nice home, drove very nice automobiles, owned an airplane, a ranch, and a lot of nice clothes.   Yet these things had not given us peace or fulfillment.

Over the years, people upon hearing our testimony would say they admired our sacrifice.   To us, being where God wanted us was no sacrifice, even if we didn’t have the things that most people feel are indispensable.

In the United States I was a poor rich boy, in Latin America I was rich poor boy.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

You cannot serve two masters, for you will hate the one and love the other.   See Matthew 6:24

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