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Last Hundred Dollars

For two months God allowed me to preach more than 67 times in churches throughout western North Carolina.

I was to leave for Costa Rica shortly and there were so many laymen that had not heard the message of the victorious life.

God led me to rent the Asheville City Auditorium so I could share this message with many more laymen.   This required faith and our last $100.

With less than a month to prepare for these meetings, God worked a miracle.   He brought together, three times a week, more than 60 laymen, to pray and ask God to bless their city and county.

We named the meetings Christians Sharing Christ and spent only $100 in advertisement.

The least to attend any of the three City Auditorium meetings was 900, God blessed unbelievably through the testimonies of men and women who loved the Lord with all their hearts and minds.

From these meetings God founded Christians Sharing Christ, a ministry to the market places of the world and through it’s 46 year existence more than 2,500,000 people have accepted Christ.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

Believe that God wants to bless you and use you more than you want to be used and blessed by Him.   See John 14:12-15

-- End --   

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