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First Time

Flying from Dallas to El Paso, Texas, changed my life forever.   Like so many Christians I had never shared my faith with a lost person.

Sitting in the darkened cabin, I thought of how my love for Christ had grown, and then God led me to brazenly say to the man sitting beside me, “If this plane crashes, do you know where you will go?”   He replied by pointing his finger downward.   The young man kept saying, “Yes” when I would ask him questions about accepting Christ.

I said to God, “This is supposed to be hard when is he going to say no.?’t!”

When the young man raised his head after praying the sinner’s prayer, he stuck his hand out and happily said, “Thank you, Charles”.

He was the first of 3,992 (as of April 9,2015) who have prayed with me to accept Christ.

The secret to being a fruitful witness for the Lord is to recognize that if we love Him, He will lead us to those He has already prepared to accept His Son.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

The more I need Him the more He uses me and blesses what I do in His name.   See I Corinthians 2:1-5

-- End --   

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