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I first met this remarkable man at dinner in San Francisco's John Hopkins Hotel. We talked about numerous issues and I found him to be a most pleasant person to talk to.

Ed Meese was genuinely interested in everything that I had to say which is rare to find in modern day political leaders. He is a man of great wisdom and his gentle demeanor always made me almost sit on the edge of my chair lest I not hear what he had to say.

Several times I visited him in fifth floor office at the Heritage Foundation. Those that have ever seen one of his offices will recall that he always had several large stacks, at least a foot high, of letters on top of his desk. To carry on a conversation we had to sit at his coffee table.

Several years later, I read a biography by President Reagan's former private secretary who said, "Ed Meese could have only had to work 8 hours a day instead of his customary 12-14 hours if he had only organized those stacks of letters". I laughed out loud as I remembered my good friends desk.

He is one of the most likable and intelligent men that I have ever known. I wish him the best in the twilight years of his life.

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