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My congressman in the early 1960's was Ed Foreman. When I mentioned my interest in running for office, several influential people from both the Republican and Democrat parties encouraged me to run as a member of their party.

Ed Foreman called me and met me for breakfast. He talked to me about running for office with other candidates who shared common beliefs. We talked about political expediency, pressure to lie in order to raise campaign funds, and in general the battle I would face to maintain my integrity. Our conversation convinced me that I should run as a Republican.

During the campaign Ed, and I, along with U.S. Senator John Tower had our picture on the front page of the El Paso Times, our local newspaper. I was more proud to have my picture with Ed than I was with our Senator. That year Ed lost his seat in the House of Representatives because he said, "Why should people in the rest of our country have to pay to remove the salt cedars (trees) from the Pecos River that runs through the middle of my district."

His principles would not allow him to compromise his conservative convictions just for political expediency. To this day, Ed is one of only two men who I have known to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, who would not do anything to compromise their convictions--even if it were to cost them an election. The other one is my good friend, Honorable Duncan Hunter, who has been my Congressman since 1980.

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