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One of the most remarkable men, as well as one of the most remarkable families I have ever known, live in the small community of Kingsburg just south of Fresno, Ca. David hired me to consult his political campaign for a seat in the California Assembly.

During the nearly six months that my wife and I lived and worked out of their small community, we found David Jackson to be one of the most honorable men that we have ever known.. His life reflects the principals that we are to live by, that are found in the Bible. During our lengthy time in the Fresno area, we never heard one disparaging word about this man.

Little by little, we were able to find out things about David that less than a handful of people know. He has been the unknown supporter of many churches of different denominations, he has stood by people of all ages who need a helping hand in difficult times in their lives, he has served on several state-wide, county wide, and local public school boards and commissions, working to improve California's educational programs, and above all, he has fulfilled God's word in sharing the burdens of others.

I have never known any other man who strives harder to live by biblical principles, than David Jackson. His 92 year old father has always been an example for David and is one of my most revered and honored friends.

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