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While attending a private viewing in Washington of Chucks first film about his ministry to prisoners, he and I talked about the opportunity that he had to reach the "up and outs". I tried to encourage him to not make the same mistake that I had made when I gave my life to Christ.

I knew that he would be tempted to walk away from the influential people he knew in all levels of government, in order to spend all of his time reaching prisoners who had the need to come to Christ. My life at that point in time had been dedicated entirely to reaching the "down and outs" in the market places of the world.

He and I spoke about how cabinet members, congressional members, and even White House staff members needed to hear what they needed to do in order to come to know Christ. Interestingly, among the 20 some odd people attending that special screening were a U.S. Senator and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

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