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Don't Listen to My Sermon

When God provided us the “Upper Room” in which to preach the Gospel, we did not realize that it was located in the very center of Costa Rica’s red light district.

I began to explore the area where God had called me to minister and found that there were 113 houses of prostitution within a radius of 1½ blocks of our building.   I also found that more than 100 young girls had their government license.

Seven years later when God called us to establish a similar work in El Salvador, Costa Rican President Jose Pepe Figueres recognized our work by inviting us to his home for dinner.

When we left that countries ministry to Costa Ricans there were less than 20 houses within 5 blocks of the Upper Room.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in those of the world.   See I JOHN 4:4

-- End --   

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