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One Soul for Carlos

Our team customarily went to the airport to see me off on one of my whirlwind 10-day trips to the states.   While waiting in the lobby for me to board my plane we would have a season of prayer.

One morning Benjamin was the last to pray and he prayed, “Lord provide Carlos the opportunity to lead someone to Christ, on the airplane.”

On the last of four legs of my trip finally someone sat down beside me.

A somewhat inebriated young man plopped into his seat and ordered two drinks before the plane even took off.

As we talked I asked him if he wanted to invite Christ into his life and each time he responded by saying, “I Know the Lord in my own way”

Recognizing that even if Benjamin had prayed for me to lead someone to Christ, the responsibility was still the Lords.

I turned to John Siegler and one more time asked him if he wanted to accept Christ.   As the wheels were touching the ground he was inviting Christ into his life.

As I was deplaning, John called me back and said, “Charles pray that I can give Him away between here and San Diego”.

He already knew the invaluable gift of God that he had just received and he wanted someone else to know the same joy.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

To believe that God does answer intercessory prayer.   See John 15:7,8

-- End --   

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