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Christmas Gift

Four days before Christmas, a twenty one year old Costa Rican was released from prison after serving six years for murder.

Two days later he and an accomplice climbed the stairs of the Upper Room to see a Christian film.   That evening he had plans to rob a wealthy businessman and was ready, if necessary, to murder him, to avoid going back to prison.

Toyota (a nickname from prison) came forward and gave his life to Christ.   He had a difficult time believing that God could forgive him for having killed someone.

In spite of this, God changed tremendously this young mans life.   Toyota started spending many hours in the Upper Room studying God’s word with our team members.

A month later a neighborhood troublemaker drew him into a fight.   Toyota was so filled with remorse for the way he had hurt the testimony of the “Upper Room” that night he left and for more than two years I heard nothing from him.

The next time I saw Toyota was when asked me to be his best man in his wedding.   He told me he had been attending a bible school on the Atlantic side and had been ordained and was pastoring 3 churches and 4 preaching points.

Today he is still pastoring and is a living witness to the power of Gods forgiveness and love.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

It is God who has called me and it is He who will accomplish His will in my life until I see Him face to face.   See Philippians 1:6

-- End --   

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