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Goodbye is not Forever

One evening as I began the invitation, a young 18-year-old prostitute jumped up and ran out and down the stairs.

Yolanda believed that God could not forgive her for the life she was living.

One night she joyfully accepted the Lord and became a new person.   By the following night, she had read 134 pages of the New Testament.

Several nights later, a young Nicaraguan also accepted Christ.   Martin had fled his country after killing a man at a fiesta.

Yolanda and Martin fell in love and planned to marry after he returned from “fixing” his situation in Managua.

Several weeks passed, during which time I found work for Yolanda in a small store outside of San Jose.

Martin returned and came in to see me.   He had been told by past acquaintances in the market that Yolanda was again in prostitution.   He would not believe what I told him about Yolanda.   The next day he left to return to Managua, without seeing her.

Two days later Yolanda came in to the Upper Room.   She was brokenhearted to hear that Martin had not waited to hear the truth from her.    Nothing I said removed her pain and sadness.   I wanted so bad to put my arms around her and console her.

Tearfully she walked out of the Upper Room leaving me with a heavy heart.

I have never seen Yolanda again but I know I will see my daughter in the Lord again in glory.

My Life-Changing Lesson:

There are many like the woman at the well who need to know the love of Christ, but how will they hear if they do not have someone to tell them.   See John 4

-- End --   

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